Tying Ankara as Gele to Match to Plain Dresses

Tying Ankara as Gele to Match Plain Dresses

Head gear is one of the popular aspects of the African Fashion which has gained global recognition in the fashion and style world.
The word GELE hails from the Yoruba tribe in Southern Nigeria. Also ‘Ankara’ has gone beyond the fabric sewn only to be worn, hence has been modified to suit your fashion sense. 
 The days when you get disappointed by your fashion designer, thereby leaving you with options of attending the event with a completely different dress are gone. Now to avoid such disappointment, especially when the function date is almost close, cut out a yard or two from the fabric to tie your Gele to taste. Yeah! You are still rocking the Aso Ebi but in a more unique way.
Apart from the fact that you will look exceedingly gorgeous, Ankara Gele is affordable, available in all cloth market across Africa. It is so easy to tie and does not require so many technicalities to do it depending on the style and the size you desire.
So ladies, if you have not tried this trending fashion “ANKARA GELE ON PLAIN DRESSES” then you are really missing out. All you have to do is get a good, patterned and colourful Ankara fabric with a matching plain dress of your choice. Then carefully combine your outfit with a matching shoe and bag whose color appears on the Ankara Gele. Do not forget that using a pair of earring, lovely necklace, bracelet and nice wristwatch will pronounce your inner beauty. Neither willit be a bad idea if you wear a moderate make up to compliment all.
Sure! You will look so radiant, gorgeous, become so noticeable and a point of attraction wherever you appear with this look. You most definitely did not know you have stolen the attention of the audience even if it’s for a couple of minutes with your elegance without you even knowing.

Dear Fashionista, step up your games in Fashion and always look hot  as ever when you tie your Ankara Gele with well mapped elegant creases, horizontal elongation, spiral twists and design Configuration to blend with your nice plain dresses.

I know that with the various patterns and designs of Ankara Gele styles we have shared above, you can’t wait to try one and rock it to your next outing.

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