Four Questions to Ask When Finding the Best Wedding Makeup Artist

So it is time to select a wedding makeup artist. Doesn’t it look like there are a million makeup artists and a whole lot of stress selecting the right one for your wedding?

Well, this guide is the comprehensive guide with four of the most essential questions to ask your prospective wedding makeup artist before engaging her.

1. Have you successfully done makeup on someone with my skin condition?

At this point, you perhaps already saw this artists' portfolio of past work or past brides (which is why you choose to contact her in the first place).

But, what did those customers look like without makeup? Did they have black marks, acne, under-eye bags, freckles, birthmark, scars, or wrinkles?

You want to know that this makeup artist can contour and conceal real faces with any real skin condition.

Some before and after photos might give you a vivid idea in case this makeup artist can handle your precise skin conditions.

Let’s us face it! A drop of lip gloss can make an already-pretty model look even prettier, but a talented makeup artist can help in making all her wrinkles fade away.

2. What are all your wedding makeup artist charges?

What is the total fee for your wedding makeup services? Does that also include a makeup trial? And what about gratuity and taxes? When do you get to pay?

To whom? And with what method? Which kind of payment methods do you accept? (Take note if the artist deals with only cash transactions.)

Are there hidden charges? Additional charges for additional services? Do you need to purchase any product beforehand?

The answers to all these questions would help you get a better understanding of what your budget should be to get what you desire on your wedding day.

Moreover, you do not want to break the bank over unforeseen wedding fashion and beauty expenses.

3. Do you own a service contract?

These days, you need to get the exact details of your agreement with your artist in writing. It is important you do this, even if your wedding makeup artist is your brother's wife's best friend.

A vivid outline of services can ease your fears and stop any unpleasant surprises on the day of your wedding.

4. Can I get a makeup trial?

Yes, you can, and you should get a makeup trial. However, the proper question should be “how exactly does your makeup trial period work?”

You need to know how far in advance can it be booked and how to schedule one.

At what location would the makeup trial hold? If you also need a makeup trial for your maid of honor, then it is also vital you ask this artist if she is also willing to provide that.

If she isn’t willing to be flexible, then it may be about time you looked for another artist.

Final Remark

So there you have it, the four main questions to ask when finding the best makeup artist. In case you do a little bit of prep work before choosing an artist, the makeup artist on your wedding day would be a lesser thing to worry about.

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