Simple Mistake to avoid while Applying your Make-up

Makeup can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how you use it. Find the right flush for your skin tone, do not wear waterproof mascara daily and do not overdo your love for combining everything with your outfit, experts suggest.Makeup artist Mouna Lall and Jason Arland, senior manager of Artistry, have listed what should and should not be done in makeup:

Simple Mistake to avoid while Applying your Make-up

* The biggest mistake is not to use a moisturizer. One should wash and apply a cream or moisturizer depending on the type of skin at least 15 minutes before pruning the skin.

* Always use a primer that helps the base to have a smooth surface to settle. This makes the makeup last a long time.

* If you have dry skin, you can use any type of moisturizer where, as if you had oily skin, then only water-based bases should be used.

* It is important to know how to apply the base. We make big mistakes, like using both hands and rubbing instead of hitting and placing on the skin with two fingers or a brush.

* Confounders and correctors confused is a great confusion that people usually have. The correctors are to correct the tone of the skin, while the concealers conceal the concealer and the base, giving a uniform skin tone.

* Use a fine mineralized powder only to set the makeup base to avoid a thick face because natural makeup is fashionable.

* Matching the eye shadow of the same color, the lipstick and the nail polish with the clothes is a big no, since the appearance becomes one-dimensional and is not attractive to the eyes. If you wear a pink outfit with jewelry, the eyes may be golden brown or smoked, with only the lipstick that matches the dress.

* Look for a blush closer to the tone of your skin. People with white and medium skin can taste pink and peaches. The naked, red and brown flushes are best seen in people with dark and deep skin tones.

* Using the lip liner of the same color on all the lips and sticking with the lipstick is important so that the lipstick has a long life and does not leave a line after a while.

* The waterproof mask is amazing, but not always. The water-resistant formula can dry the eyelashes and break them easily. In addition, removing the waterproof mask requires a total effort that can damage the eyelashes again. Keep it reserved for weddings and parties.

* Empty all products that have crossed their expiration date. Old and expired products are not safe to use and can cause rashes, allergies and irritation.

* Makeup brushes are important tools that give you the right application and finish. Keeping them clean prolongs your life and saves you many problems from rashes and infections. Wash them regularly with warm water and detergent and then soak them in an antiseptic liquid before drying completely.

* Bronzer has become the next big thing in the makeup world. But while everyone wants to use sunscreen for that tanned look, using too much sunscreen and applying it all over the face can be counterproductive. Use the smallest amount of bronzer on the jaw line, the edges of the forehead, the temples and the sides of the bridge of the nose for a warm glow that looks natural.

* Lipsticks are the easiest way to animate the pot. A general rule to follow is that dark colors can make your lips look even thinner, while lighter colors will make your lips look fuller.

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